A successful Swiss unique

sociocultural experience

Sandro Schneebeli, Neneh Alexandrovic & Oliver Kühn present

...an intensified perception towards

sounds, voices, tone and music –

without any visual

references or distraction...

Feel the music with intensity

In a completely dark hall, people perceive sounds, noises, notes, voices and music more intensity. Even though our eyes are open, we don’t see anything, so that the other senses have the possibility to be refined and sharpened. Suddenly we start to perceive everything in a different, intensified way.


Audience members are led to their seats in the dark by blind ushers. When the concert begins, the audience can recognize some instruments, others can only be worked out after some time. The absolute calm in the audience is due to the more intense concentration on listening. Apart from the sounds, there are no other distractions. The assumed distance from the musicians is constantly changing, depending on the type of music and the instruments being used.

Required general condition

To arrange and handle this particular kind of concert there are costs to be considered as follow:

A small entrance hall must be provided to let little numbers of groups to enter and to be guided by the blind escorts.

Before the concert the audience has to be prepared, by receiving the correct information about light sources such as mobile phones, watches and all security/emergencies details.

During the concert also the automatic cut-out lights will be covered and it is compulsory to provide for each emergency exit a security guardian in order to light on in case of problems.

For security reasons, the number of the audience for this kind of hall has to be between min 30 max 70 participants.