SINCE 2012!


How to offer an all-embracing, meditative, intimate but enveloping listening experience, almost spiritual and healing?
Some artists are looking for a similar experience, hoping to give the public strong and above all sincere emotions.

A journey in the dark, like the adventure "of a little girl" running with her eyes closed, without brakes or fears:
Sandro and Max have found their home in this dimension that has a taste of infinity, where to move the
audience among the most intimate and true emotions.

The adventure of SOUNDS IN THE DARK started in 2012 in the living room of a house in Lugano, in Switzerland.
The idea came suddenly, almost as a joke, while chatting and having a glass of wine.
Two old friends, Sandro Schneebeli and his friend Vito Robbiani, were talking about experiences and memories.
Vito lights up recalling a dinner in the famous restaurant "Blinde Kuh" in Zurich.
A restaurant in the dark, run by blind people, in which the simple enjoyment of a spoonful of soup became,
in his opinion, a pure and total experience, where taste and smell were accentuated and, at that moment, only that
feeling existed.

"But Sandro, why don't you organize concerts in the dark?" Vito suddenly said.
For Vito Robbiani a joke, for Sandro a revelation: to give a new dimension to the concert halls and theatres,
letting the audience  live a unique sensory experience, without visual distractions and in total darkness.
Where only music exists, with all its vibrations and all its hugs.
In a completely dark environment, specially cared for and prepared, sounds, noises, perfumes, voices and music
envelop you and emotional involvement becomes inevitable.

After collaborating for two years with Bruno Bieri, an eclectic Swiss German musician, Sandro decided to form
a new duo together with multi-instrumentalist Max Pizio.
A collaboration that has brought the duo to over 270 concerts in Switzerland, Germany, India, China, Egypt and

The new duo has tuned all the instruments to 432 Hertz. Music at 432 Hz has a relaxing and healing effect.
It opens the heart.
The reaction of the media is always very present. Both journalists and critics regularly follow the project precisely
to share a unique and innovative idea. Whether a theatre, a hall concert or an art gallery, the darkness is always
that particular one, while acoustics, reverberations and sounds change in every place. And so the experience is
transformed each time into something unique and rare.
At every concert the encounter between the audience and the musicians is true and sincere.
A few tears of emotion are always shed.
Fortunately, everything is always protected by the dim light, light that is inside all of us and illuminates the soul
as soon as the vibrations of the music touch our feelings.